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Pregnancy Yoga

Mon 6.45pm, Thurs 7.00pm

Pregnancy yoga classes are a wonderful way to honour your body and your baby, providing a nourishing, caring and calming practice.  With a strong focus on breath, classes are a soothing combination of energising, strengthening (mental and physical), stress-relieving, gentle stretching and relaxing, all while fostering a continued mother-child bond. Adult Class (3). £11.50 each when bought in a bundle of 5 classes (£57.50), or £12.50 for an individual class.


The Baby Bear Club

Mondays 9.30am-12.30pm

Tuesdays 10.15-12.15pm

Wednesdays 9.15-12.15pm

Fridays 10am-12pm

Contact Olya 07825 710044

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Founded by a local mother in conjunction with education, dance, art and speech professionals, the Baby Bear Club runs exciting weekly classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The classes are unique in offering a range of activities from singing, dancing, story telling to messy play, arts and crafts and introduction to phonics.

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Pregnancy Pilates


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Pregnancy Pilates is a great form of exercise to prepare for the changes in your body by working to maintain and build those muscles you will need during your pregnancy, labour and most certainly once Baby has arrived! Pilates will assist in strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominals whilst working to maintain good posture and alignment to help avoid injury during pregnancy. Pilates also focuses on concentration, centering and breathing techniques, all are useful tools to help a woman through their labour.

young mother does fitness exercises together with kid boy

Parent & Baby Yoga


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Rejuvenate, Nurture and Relax with your Baby! Parent + Baby Yoga classes are a wonderful way to keep yourself active, present and calm while interacting and connecting with your baby.  These classes are also a great opportunity to enjoy the yoga community of new parents. Appropriate for:  babies at least 6 weeks until walking.


Baby (4mths+)



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This is still an active bonding course, but with the emphasis on Baby Yoga, as this is designed for the older baby, we have made it livelier, more focused on sensory and vestibular development and LOTS and LOTS of bouncy bouncy fun!!


Baby (6wks+)



If your baby is between the age of 6 weeks and 24 weeks and you want to find ways of spending quality time together, learning baby yoga, positive touch through baby massage; this class is for you!

Classes Overview

There’s something about getting out there and sharing some classes with your little child. Yes, it’s fun and educational for them. But a big part of what makes the experience worthwhile is the social factor: You’re putting them in the vicinity of other children and yourself alongside other parents. Hopefully, some friendships—or at least playdates—will follow.